What’s it like to live in a disputed, militarized border region with a tangled history? In this fascinating […]

Over the years I have collected vignettes of brilliant  insights, and advise on writing and research, undiscovered gems […]

“…a past that has never been present, and which will never be.” -Jacques Derrida, Margins of Philosophy Published […]

Essay on Ashish Avikunthak’s film Rati Chakravyuh, published in the Experimenter Art Catalouge. The history of India, as […]

Field Notes on Kashmir: Repression and Resistance

Introducing the Warscapes Public Lecture Series War does not exist in a vacuum. At Warscapes, we work to […]

BORDERLANDS: A Journey Through India’s Borders

Lawyer, theorist, writer, and photographer  Suchitra Vijayan is working on a 9,000-mile journey through the borders of South […]

Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird says, “It was times like these when I thought my father, […]

Originally Published on The Hindu “Radicalisation” has become the standard term used to describe “what goes on before […]

“A Typical Negro” is the title of a 1962 newspaper article narrating the story of an enslaved man, Gordon, […]

Published in Africa Is a Country  “Portraits of Reconciliation,”–the photo-essay commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide–published […]

December 2011, Paktika Province Afghanistan Commander Mahmud had previously fought against the Soviets, the Talibs and few others […]

Video from the Carnegie Council Talk on Citizenship, Identity, and Conflict in South Asia's Borderlands

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Violence founds and preserves the state. Monopoly over the legal use of violence is, Max Weber reminds us, […]