Syria Strikes and The illogical arguments

1. The US did not just intervene in Syria. Throughout the Obama administration, US bombed Syria over 8000 times. Arguing that US inaction as failed and those opposing interventions need to make a case for it does not acknowledge the long history of US intervention in the Syrian affairs.
2. How the US reacted to the early days of the Syrian revolution, set the course of all inevitable disasters. Alongside its policy of supporting dictators and autocrats in the region.
A Time Line of Events in Syria and US response
3. There is no good intervention or bad intervention. All intervention is a Faustian contract in reverse. In doubt look at history.

By @Mahmoud Salameh
4. There is no moral, strategic or juridical case of the strike in Syria (The NewYorker is dead wrong).The question of Intervention being illegal and unauthorised is simply hiding behind the farce of proceduralism. A policy devoid of moral vision, humanitarian considerations, non-existent ends and shifting goals cannot become “legal”. Shifting the conversation to debating legality is yet another act of whitewashing and erasing enduring problems of the US foreign policy in Syria.
5. Richard N. Haass made this banal observation today, “Strike on Syrian airfield a classic punitive & not coercive action. The US as attacking side decides how much is enough & keeps the initiative.” This distinction of Punitive vs. Coercive is word play wrapped into aphorism that doesn’t say much. This is sadly the nature of US Foreign Policy commentary, banal, pandering to power and devoid of any kind of vision.
6. An argument against interventions and a need for a credible anti-war movement not hijacked by Alt-right does not mean that you are an Assad sympathiser.
7. Assad in an equal opportunity oppressor who has killed, maimed and tortured his own people for years. This act of violence against his own citizens was made possible by the US and its allies. Often whitewashing the brutal with a Vouge cover!.
Let us not let Iran and Russia off the hook either.
8. The sarin attack was and is a part of long history violence used by the Syrian state against its population.
9. As long as we keep celebrating projection of force as a benchmark of foreign policy, we are clearing the ground for more sinister virulent forms of an ideology of destruction at home and in the places America bombs.