Understanding Female Fighters: Perspectives From Southeast Asia

KKK and women in Racial terror

Understanding Female Fighters: Perspectives From Southeast Asia — A discussion on April 30, 2015 at the University Club in New York organised by the  Colin Powell School  You can view the talk by clicking on the image below or this link.

The video does not capture the presentation, and the images used in the talk are listed bellow for your reference.

I am currently re-thinking and writing this talk into a longer essay on the history of female militancy and political violence, any thoughts, feedback and comments are welcome.

 “No one ever asks what a man’s role in the revolution is”
Gender and sexual politics in the Black Panther Party 1966-1971

Women of Black Panther
Prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib, in which photographs of Iraqi prisoners being sexually abused and humiliated by U.S. soldiers were broadcast by American media outlets, revealed women sexually abusing men during wartime, albeit short of rape. and the fact that the victims of the sexual violence were male served further to confound common expectations of victim-perpetrator relationships.
Images from Suchitra Vijayan Family Archives
Suchitra Vijayan. Bombay, 2007

Girl students pelt stones at security personnel during clashes in Lal Chowk in Srinagar.(PTI)