Conversation with Hassan Ghedi Santur

We launched our the Polis Project’s Podcast this week and I interviewed Hassan Ghedi Santur. We talked about radio, becoming a refugee, the novel, James Joyce, journalism and travel, and how they have influenced his intellectual and personal journeys.

For each episode, our guest will be asked to choose five pieces or items that have influenced their intellectual life and their work.

These five items can be books, art, music, poetry, photographs, performance, a person, an event, or an experience.

The choices then become the basis of a free-flowing conversation that discusses our guest’s life, their personal, political and intellectual journeys and histories.

At the end of the programme, our current guest will nominate the person to be interviewed next in the series making this podcast an exercise in serendipity and an intellectual history of a new generation of writers/ scholars/ artists and activists.