BORDERLANDS: A Journey Through India’s Borders

Lawyer, theorist, writer, and photographer  Suchitra Vijayan is working on a 9,000-mile journey through the borders of South […]

If you are in Madras please come by.  In these precarious times, Suchitra Vijayan, asks the fundamental questions about […]

Conversation with Roopa Gogineni

For The Polis Projects PodCast Series Listen to the entire series here This week, I spoke to Roopa Gogineni, […]

Conversation with Hassan Ghedi Santur

We launched our the Polis Project’s Podcast this week and I interviewed Hassan Ghedi Santur. We talked about radio, becoming […]

I was in conversation with Kalyan Nadiminti and  Mohamedou Ould Slahi, author of Guantánamo Diary for The Polis Project’s […]

For people who inhabit bodies which are black, brown, queer, femme, fat, transgender, and/or disabled, it is not […]

Yesterday Guardian Published its photo-essay “Documenting the Rohingya refugee crisis – in pictures.” There is so much wrong […]

Maaza Mengiste in conversation with  Suchitra Vijayan   Dissent in Dangerous Times is The Polis Project’s  teach-in and conversation […]

Talk: Records of Repression   Abstract: On the night of July 24th, 2012, twenty-four-year-old Hilal Ahmad Dar of Aloosa […]

Our fights must begin in our homes, in our choices, in our language and in our refusal to […]

  Intro: Though it declares instantaneous triple talaq unconstitutional, the verdict misses the chance to assert that personal […]

I wrote some parts of this two years ago, but today we are faced with a humanitarian disaster […]

This essay was originally published in Boston Review  In his introduction to Mourid Barghouti’s I Saw Ramallah, Edward Said […]

  Note: Following is the longer, original draft of the essay.   Departure. Arrival. Return By Suchitra Vijayan […]

Ethics and politics of representation in photojournalism

Thanks to Sharron Lovell, Benjamin Chesterton and I discuss the ethics and politics of representation in photojournalism. The conversation was sparked by […]

Souvid Datta’s work independent of the current controversy of plagiarism and the absolute disregard for ethics is deeply orientalist and euro-centric. […]

American foreign today is a child born to Leo Strauss and Ayn Rand, of course, Godfathered by Nihilism. […]

1. The US did not just intervene in Syria. Throughout the Obama administration, US bombed Syria over 8000 […]

  An edited, shorter version of this appeared in the Deccan Chronicle: In both 2015 and 2016, Oscar […]

  Prologue: I wrote this essay on the anniversary of Hyderabad University research scholar Rohith Vemula’s death for […]

A version of this was originally published in The Hindu I picked up a copy of John Berger’s […]